The Trail

The Southards Pond 6 mile loop begins at the tennis courts on the north side of Park Avenue in the Babylon Village. (just north of the Babylon train station) It's easy to follow the trail by looking for the double blue blazes (markings)  about 10 ft. up in the trees on the right side of the trail. Within .5 miles from the start, the trail reaches Southards Pond. It travels west around the southern shoreline then goes north on what is known as the"low road."
Soon (depending how fast one is traveling) you will through the tunnel where Sunrise Highway is above you. Continuing north, the trail covers a long, secluded wooded stretch before going underneath Southern State Parkway and its service road. Belmont Lake appears as you exit the tunnel. Take the right at the "Y" and go counter-clockwise around Belmont Lake. About 1 mile later you are back to the tunnel area and time to head back south. Back through the long, secluded wooded stretch, under Sunrise Highway and past Southards Pond. (which is on your left back might be hard to see from the trail. Down through the last half mile and ending at the 6mile mark where you can see the Babylon Elementary school on your right.  Into the metric system? To do a 10K, continue past the 6 mile marker and end at the trail head.  Want to go again?  It's another .1 to the trailhead to the east!

Happy trails!