My Story

       I first was exposed to this trail as soon as I was able to hold up my head, as my parents would stroll or trailer me through the paths of our “secret” little getaway.  When I was 2, I came to the trail running on my own and we our Southards Pond destination became known as “Pooh Sticks” which we still call it to this day.  Pooh Sticks is a game played by Winnie the Pooh and his friends where all players drop sticks into the water from one side of the bridge and hurry over to the other to see whose stick comes out first.  We have played Pooh Sticks countless number of times in these woods with my entire family and hope you have the opportunity to play as well. 

       There is a special connection here for myself and the rest of our family.  It is a place to run when training for a marathon, a place to ride a bike for the first time and then ride safely and serenely thereafter, to look for signs of spring, listen to the birds, watch the leaves turn colorful in fall or listen to the snow crunch in winter.  It is a treasure that's shared with friends or out-of-town guests.  It has been home base to many cross country practices or the start of "team in training" runs.  It is a place of beauty and purpose and I hope that you enjoy and preserve this gift as much as my family and I do.